Dharma Dance Classes and Private Sessions 

  • Sacred Shapes™

    The Sacred Shapes are the foundational movements that form the intelligent vibratory vocabulary of Dharma Dance. These shapes focus on the head, torso and hips. Most of the time, in our daily lives, these areas of the body are held quite still and rigid. With the Sacred Shapes practice we have a simple and elegant non-conceptual vocabulary to give these areas of the body a voice, availability to more energy and more access to the infinite wisdom and mysteries within. The Sacred Shapes could be likened to a kind of moving acupuncture that combined with our loving attention and various breathing techniques make a potent and playful practice to release stuck places and energize stagnant places. In the first level, we learn the Line and the Circle. The core energetic dynamics of our universe are contained in the basic shapes of the line and the circle which reflect the masculine and feminine principles. All of reality is a swirling dance of these two polarities that form a mystical movement vocabulary that is empowering and full of meaning which is revealed as we embody them. The second level of Sacred Shapes consists of the undulating S and the figure 8 or infinity symbol.

  • Beholding™

    Beholding is the practice of holding ourselves, others and all of Existence as sacred. With beholding we are willing to abide with reverence, openness and presence. This posture asks us to be available with all our senses and even with the possibility of other senses to awaken in the practice. This powerful stance of grounded presence and vulnerability becomes the perfect space for the miraculous, that which is always there, to emerge and be presenced.

  • M4™

    Music-Movement-Medicine-Magick is a group healing experience of profound liberation and connection. Similar to the tribal healing evenings of the !Kung people of the Kalihari with breath, movement, vocalizations and percussion a vibrational remedy is created that is the perfect harmonic for the group. We are used to relating to movement as something we do or music as something we listen to. With MMMM, movement and music are welcomed the great undo-ers, releasing limiting beliefs and habits so we may have more access to the radiance that is our essence.

  • Dance Your Daemons™

    Currents of energy surround us and are potential sources of illumination and enrichment, but are often ignored or pushed away. Dance Your Daemons is an enlivening and empowering dance with these hidden realms of enchantment. In this transformational movement practice, there is no need to worry about how you’ll look dancing, because we wear blindfolds (or keep our eyes closed) to ignite our imagination and maintain anonymity, while remaining in the support of a shared group intention, as we dance “like no one is watching!” In this guided practice, hidden energies are invited to show themselves, so that we can see them, relate with them and even step into their perspective. Dance Your Daemons is tender, compassionate and all embracing, as well as a great let go of frustrations and accumulated blocks in body, mind and emotions. Click here for more details.

  • Cosmic Womb Meditation™

    The Cosmic Womb Meditation is an ecstatic group awakening practice that ignites a shared experience of Unity while also fueling each individual’s sense of uniqueness and empowering them to be creative agents of some of the highest possibilities on the planet. The practice nurtures freedom from self-concern and generates a deep group connection that releases us from restrictive beliefs. Each Cosmic Womb Meditation is a dive into the creative energy of the cosmos and the unlimited healing, inspiration, vision and power that is always available there. The practice itself is simple, but there are some preliminary movements and philosophical principles that must be establish first in order to ensure optimal participation. Click here for more details.

  • Pop Up Temple™

    These events invite you into a mutually created sacred space that is a re-visioning of the mystical healing temples of old. We get to abide in the blessed enchanted world and relate as our highest selves, to soothe our hearts and lift our spirits. Pop Up Temples are participatory and interactive. We share conscious dialogue, healing touch (i.e. shoulder massage) and simple movement and dance. Each Pop Up Temple is different, with themes pertinent to our modern needs, but they are all opportunities to connect to our highest selves, to relate and dance from this space of infinite Love. It is a soothing balm for weary hearts and a recharge for the Boddhichitta Superheroes to keep shining bright in the world!

So much energy was moving, that we weren’t controlling, but we were not out of control. It happened very gently. It wasn’t overwhelming, even though it awesome and powerful. I left grounded, more enlivened in my body, more in myself and I remember carrying around this experience with me when I was walking around afterwards. I can feel it now. It was such a positive experience.” – AM