Cosmic Womb Meditation

What is meant by The Cosmic Womb?

In Dharma Dance, the Cosmic Womb describes the creative essence that is referred to in many sacred texts as Emptiness, Oneness, Formlessness or Is-ness. This all-pervasive Presence is recognized as the source of all; manifest and unmanifest, known, unknown and unknowable. The Cosmic Womb is the pregnant Void of infinite possibilities and creativity – an endless ocean of love that is constantly ‘birthing and embracing’; driven forever forward by an ecstatic longing to relate, grow and evolve.

What Is The Cosmic Womb Meditation?

The Cosmic Womb Meditation is a movement practice that raises energy while we hold a group intention to be available for the highest possibilities to flow through. The practice includes deep rejuvenating rest and space for spontaneous and inspired creativity to emerge. The experience is ecstatic- liberating, profound, deeply satisfying, both grounding and expansive.

The transformative potential of ecstasy is our birthright. We need more opportunities to engage in safe, responsible and empowering group contexts to expand into the fullness of our being. We are so much more than what our current worldview recognizes.

A higher consciousness hungers to be born on the planet. When we allow ourselves to open and be moved by this consciousness together, we become a living portal through which the living energy of higher wisdom and love flow into this plane of existence. We can hold so much more as a group than we can alone. With the support of a communal space we are carried beyond the mundane into realms of the miraculous.

With the Cosmic Womb Meditation, we have a very special opportunity to become conscious players in the birth of Heaven on Earth.

“Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
What Happens in The Cosmic Womb Meditation?
The practice is simple.  There are 7 steps:
  • Create Sacred Space

    Mats and blankets are set up in a circle. We call in all the benevolent energies, guides and teachers to support us in our journey. Finally we connect to our inner voice and share our deepest longings, from our highest selves.

  • Invocation

    We unite with a simple, impassioned and evocative song to express our commitment and availability to the Mystery.

  • Dance The Sacred Shapes

    To prepare the body for the ecstatic energy, we dance the circle and line shapes. Then we merge the circle and line shapes by dancing the wave. Metaphorically this is the merging of our deepest longing and awakened passion to align with the ecstatic creative vibration of the cosmos.

  • The Dive

    We then lie down in a human mandala, in the Yoga Goddess posture – on our backs, feet together, touching hands. In this posture we allow energies to flow through us with spontaneous abandon to the sound of Shamanic Drumming. There are two phases of the dive demarked by a pause in the music.

  • Gestate

    A deeply regenerative rest follows. Similar to the Savasana posture in yoga, this is a time to integrate and assimilate all that came up during the practice.

  • Birth

    Creativity sparked by the Dive is expressed with drawing, writing, movement and more. Sometimes even deeper rest is called for.

  • Seeds

    We share our creativity with each other to sow our unique vision and seeds for the future.

The Underlying Purpose of The Cosmic Womb Meditation:
Evolving Beyond The Current Paradigm • The Call to Unity • Empowering Artists of Possibility
  • Evolving Beyond The Current Paradigm
    We are at an exciting turning point in our evolution as a species. The dominant worldview on the planet at this time is of separation and is often called the Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm. In this paradigm we believe ourselves to be thinking things existing in empty space. We have learned to see ourselves living in a world full of separate things operating according to rules of manipulation and control. During the modern age this paradigm ushered in massive improvements to human life that allows many of us to live in relative comfort and health. At the same time, the underlying assumption of separation that this belief system is based in is pushing us into global crisis through such mechanisms as extreme economic disparity, climate change and increasing militarization. Despite all our best efforts, we are failing to solve these global problems. A new paradigm of unity and along with it, a new way of being human, is needed.
  • The Call to Unity
    There is a growing movement on the planet towards Unity consciousness. Unity as the foundation of reality is not a new concept. It has been the basis of ancient wisdom traditions the world over. The indigenous beliefs of shamans, the enlightenment traditions of the East and even the belief in One God in the Judeo Christian tradition all reflect a sense of primordial unity. In such modern conceptions as the New Physics, Jungian psychology and a number of recent philosophical schools all support a worldview of “continuity unfolding”. What is new and unprecedented is the opportunity for so many of us to access Unity teachings that were once only available to very few seekers. Concurrently we also are encountering these teachings largely free of restrictive beliefs. Many of us hear the call of Unity in our deepest hearts and have had several non-ordinary mystical experiences that don’t fit in the current paradigm. We know that we are much more than we are allowed to be, much more than we are taught to be and even much more than we can ever know.
  • Empowering Artists of Possibility
    By recognizing the limitations of our current paradigm and creating opportunities for explorations beyond it, we become aware of ways of being and relating that expand the range of possibilities for our lives. As we align with the energies of the Cosmic Womb, we pulse with the rhythm of the creative life force that unites and inspires the unique articulations that are literally birthing a new reality. Our visions, art, dance, writings and healing modalities become talismans pulling us towards a world we know is possible in our deepest hearts. This world is then reinforced in how we talk, touch, think, see and act. We become Artists of Possibility and step into a co-creative dance with Existence on the frothy edge of evolution.