1Tara head shot feb 2015From rough and tumble beginnings on a dairy farm in rural Canada to bellydancing around the world and now currently living in New York City developing Dharma Dance, Tara feels blessed with magical carpet ride life. In 1999, Tara took off from Canada with a backpack full of bellydance costumes, a drum and two books (One Taste and Handbook for the Urban Warrior). Ten years later, she’s been homeless in Hawaii, eaten bugs with Hill Tribes in Thailand, bellydanced for royalty in Malaysia and fallen deeply in Love in India. Yes it sounds like “Eat, Love, Pray”! Glamour and Grit are her two best girlfriends.

For over 11 years Tara performed professional bellydance, dancing in 5 star venues in Canada, USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and India, performing for royalty, heads of state, international celebrities, on TV and also for several spiritual centers and events. She has trained extensively with master dance artist Jehan Kamal.

Tara has many artistic achievements including over 1200 performances, teaching at numerous International dance workshops, and producing over 70 world music dance events. All of the energy of a successful artistic career is now being channeled into healing and teaching work that is joyful, expansive, intimate and transformational.

Tara has a BA in Mass Communications from the University of Ottawa. Studies in women’s spirituality and alternative healing led her to bellydance and to some of the most powerful and transformative experiences of her life. In 1994, she was introduced to peer support emotional release work and uses her extensive experience with trauma to assist healing in groups and private sessions.

In 2002, Tara received training from tantra teachers Joan and Tomas Heartfield to facilitate heart opening ceremonies. While in India, Tara lived next to the Osho Meditation Resort practicing numerous dance, movement and sitting meditations daily for four years. For 4 years, she created embodied awakening movement practices for meditation teacher Jeff Carreira’s summer retreats. She currently studies power and influence with teacher Kasia Urbaniak.

In Dharma Dance, Tara weaves the empowering movement vocabulary of bellydance with her studies in movement therapy, shamanism, Wicca, yoga, tantra, taoism, emotional release and numerous meditation practices; fusing her knowledge with her life experience to create classes and events and that connect and expand mind, body and spirit. Re-claiming the sacred feminine and masculine, championing embodied awakening and assisting others in their growth and healing are the underlying motivations for her performances, her studies and her teaching work. Visioning and co-creating a culture based on the inherent goodness of the human spirit rather than on our fears or wounds, is Tara’s driving force and passion for the planet and beyond.

“Tara, working with you has been the perfect medicine for my heart. Some alchemical magic happens in the field of your totally present, loving attention. Knots and fears and shame around intimacy that have felt immovable have been opening up without me needing to spend a lot of time and energy processing them. It’s like I have big wide hallways in my heart now, and I’m realizing that there’s nothing in the way to opening up fully to life and to love.” -DH