Dharma Dance is an invitation to experience the mysteries of your inner Being, to embody the truth you discover and to live in congruence with the highest possibilities available so that together we support the emergence of the reality that lives in our deepest hearts.

Welcome to the Dance

Creative Spiritual Embodiment Practices for Meditators

Dharma Dance is embodied awakening!
Dharma Dance guided movement practices reveal the spontaneous and joyous experience of the present moment while stripping away layers of self-consciousness, limiting beliefs and contracted behaviors. In this, we have the opportunity to relate to each other as our true selves and to allow for the higher currents of energy that are always present, to be awakened through us, as us. These energies are powerful, wise, healing, energizing and inspiring. They are the source of infinite creativity, fuel our individual awakening and are the basis of life itself. They are referred to in various cultures as kundalini, ka, mana, prana, chi, vital life force, n/um and quintessence.

Energy and Relationship
The philosophical core principles underlying Dharma Dance see that humans are unique expressions of a unified vibrational field of energy or Oneness. We are localized in an embodied confluence for a brief human lifetime among the myriad other unique expressions of this same unified field of energy – seen and unseen, known, unknown and unknowable. As unique embodiments we get to experience the one thing that Oneness can not….. relationship. Reality is a dance of relating. 

The essence of this vibrational field is pure love. It is the pure longing that sparked the manifest into existence and the evolutionary intelligence that is the animating life force in all. Consciousness is awakening to Itself through our human experience. We are the dream that has held consciousness locked into thinking we are a human being.

Evolution is happening. We do not have to try to make it happen, but we can block this intelligence and thwart the process. Equally we can become ever more available and sensitive to the energies of higher possibilities. 

Be Available for the Miracle of Awakened Awareness
These energies are operating in us all to some degree and the more we are in resonance with them, the more we can actualize our full potential. By giving them a healthy body and availability to us as a group, we allow this vibratory intelligence direct access to this realm of existence. A group can hold open a gateway to the realm of the miraculous and an undeniable shared experience of a unified whole is revealed, shattering the illusion of separation. Deep wisdom and insights emerge and by sharing them and embodying these truths, we make the ineffable tangible; we co-create a new world.

Liberation from Self-Consciousness and Limiting Beliefs
Many of us have internalized a negative body image by absorbing distorted ideas fed to us through the media, religious and other cultural influences. Negative self-image and shame erodes our fundamental sense of confidence and leaves us contracted and fearful. In addition, we are fed information in the media that is geared towards sensationalism, that is more interested in showing shocking images to benefit advertisers than to truly inform and educate the general public. Consequently we bear witness to mediated images of brutality, sexuality void of intimacy, inhumanity and the worst crimes of separate sense self from around the world, 24/7. As post modern meditators, we are also faced with our own existential struggles, with the paradox of being human. We understand how our lives impact each other, but still live locked within socio-economic and cultural structures that don’t reflect what we know in our hearts. We are aware of the unnecessary suffering created by our current paradigm that values the material over connection. This hurts and is overwhelming, even if we can logically and spiritually understand it all within a larger context.

Spontaneous Co-Emerging Creativity
Dharma Dance can be practiced alone, in partners and as a group. The modality includes guided movement, free-form dance, vocalizing, breathing exercises, conscious touch and poetic dialogue. Just as meditation allows us to experience the deep peace and stillness of Being, Dharma Dance is an invitation to dance this Oneness and move through our individual uniqueness with spontaneous expression in a safe and nurturing environment. The shared experience is a balm to the tired soul suffering from the wounds of our conditioned disconnection.

From Shadow to Empower
Until we become aware, we are at the mercy and tyranny of unconscious patterns. These unconscious patterns include the structures that reinforce our current paradigm of separation, our biological proclivities, as well as the habits, beliefs and behaviors that stem from personal, cultural and ancestral woundings. These unconscious patterns create our reality until we can see them, at which point more possibilities are suddenly available. Unconscious patterns also require energy to hold in place. Once freed a river of energy becomes available for health, creativity and to support higher expressions of consciousness on the planet. Dharma Dance practices support the transmutation of shadow into empowerment with opportunities for conscious relationship with shadow. By aligning with the highest available energies with courageous vulnerability, a powerful resonance cracks open the blocks to release trapped energy that ripples out to liberate all.

What You Seek Is Seeking You
By engaging in these guided movement practices together we gradually allow ourselves to be truly seen and as we do our true inner beauty begins to shine. As we relate in this Radiance, insights and mysteries are revealed and a sacred intimacy emerges. We can experience deep trust. We are available for an embodied experience of the Divine, for a shared connection that dissolves the illusion of separation. As we hold this sacred connection, the collective group becomes a clear channel for the life force to be experienced. Personal and cultural healing result. What happens in this dance doesn’t stay in the dance – the positive self-image and confidence we find spreads into all areas of our life. As we liberate to our true selves in the dance we find ourselves becoming more spontaneous and self-assured everywhere. We ground a higher consciousness into existence.

Sacred Dance
For millennia dance has been used to communicate sacred truths and divine insight. The dance forms you learn and practice in Dharma Dance are based on wisdom gained through thousands of years of sacred dance. The spaciousness and vulnerability of energy exchange through movement that is aligned with our highest intentions is a perfect petri dish for emerging expression of divine relating. As you learn to radiate more and more of your inner beauty something amazing begins to happen – you open up to universal energies that illuminate your true connection to the conscious unfolding of the Kosmos.

My Dharma Dance Personal Story
What really compelled me to create Dharma Dance is that I want you to experience the same transformation that dancing gave to me.

When I was young I was shy and fearful, but somehow I was also aware of an inner potential that wanted to find its way out. I discovered Bellydance in my 20s and something much deeper than the movement grabbed hold of my heart and soul. I discovered the dance had been developed around a powerful language of spiritual symbols and metaphors.

Bellydance gave me a sense of confidence and purpose I never had before. Eventually I became an international bellydancer performing professionally throughout Asia and India for 11 years, dancing in over 1200 shows as a solo artist. When I think about this I still laugh a little. You see, I grew up on a small dairy farm in rural Canada! No one, let alone me, would ever have imagined where I would end up.

Performing professionally developed my self-confidence, but bellydance gave me much more than that. Through the dance I encountered a sacred vision and wisdom hidden just behind the veils, to use a bellydancer metaphor. As I learned about and experienced the true depths of this dance, I was opened into mysteries of being and to the transmissive empowerment of spiritual energy.

It’s been 2 decades since I took my first bellydance class and since then I’ve taught dance to hundreds of people. Over the past few years I feel myself called to make the deeper dimensions of this body of dance available, not only to women and the few courageous men who joined my bellydance classes, but to everyone.

Sharing the profound awakening power of dance is what inspired me to create Dharma Dance. It is my delight and honor to Dance with you.

With Love,
Tara – Dharma Dance

“Tara has a profound experiential understanding of the origins of these sacred movements. She guided us into primal breathing and moving, bringing aspects of unconscious into consciousness to reveal and nurture the ecstatic nature through breath and rhythm. These group experiences were intense and intimate and beautiful!

There are not many places where we get to stay true to our own breath and process within a group and reach bliss – nothing felt weird or wrong – quite the opposite. With Tara’s clear and sure direction we entered into ancient ways of moving. It was intimate, yet expansive and it made us realize the grace and ecstasy that is our life energy always.

I highly recommend Tara’s work, she has developed this modality with great care over time. If you want to connect with your own energy and deep beauty, try this.” – CC