Meet Me In the Here and There

There’s an invitation in Dharma Dance group practices. It’s deeper than “fake it till you make it” and much more empowered than “drinking the Cool-Aid”. But there’s a point that if we are available, something undeniable moves us. Touches us. Beckons us into a mutually created, recognizable space where we may relate to ourselves, each other, our world and beyond in inspired ways that free us from self concern and limiting habits.
Tears flow
Laughter bubbles
Growls grow
Songbirds burst out of freed throats
Feet prance as if on fire
It’s not beyond self-responsibility- if we needed to operate heavy machinery we could snap to it. But if the space allows, a healing surrender into the ecstasy of the present moment can sweep us off our feet into worlds of enchantment and enrichment. The worlds of Inbetween-ness. The Here & There.
Dance Your Daemons is a safe intentional container for relating to hidden energies that want to dance with you, so that you may be enriched and informed in the deep embrace and the space of the Here & There.

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