Free Dharma Dance Daily Practice

I just recorded and edited this video and audio practice to share with you when you sign up to the Dharma Dance mailing list. It’s a full body warmup to that opens up more creativity, spontaneity and feeling of vibrant aliveness in the body. It is also a gratitude practice for the miracle and gift of Life. You can use this daily practice to support your sitting meditation and it is in itself a movement meditation.

Feel free to experiment with when you do this Dharma Dance practice. I particularly enjoy it around mid-afternoon when I’m tempted grab a sweet snack or something caffeinated as a “pick me up”. Doing this Full Body Warmup ends up giving me more energy and insight than the sugar/caffeine high and crash. It takes a certain discipline, but as I get more in tune with the delicate and powerful energetic flow in my body, the less I want to do things that aggravate the process of awakening.

Every time I do this practice is different. Sometimes I feel stuck as soon as I start. Like my feet are filled with lead and judgements. So I dance that feeling; the “Lead and Dread” dance. Or a spot in my shoulder starts to hurt and causes a whole avalanche of fear based thoughts. So I dance that. Once witnessed, these feelings pass and something else pops up. Sometimes silly, sometimes sad, sometimes fed up, sometimes wild. Sometimes the present moment is right there… and suddenly I’m dancing that! It is profoundly and deeply satisfying to have a practice to embody the magnitude of experience. It feels sane to have a safe place to get a little crazy!

I’m growing compassion for myself as I witness the mind/body contractions unfold, which in turn feeds a wave of compassion for all of us in this dance of Life.

I hope you enjoy this Daily Dharma Dance Practice!

Beautiful Kora Music by John Hughes – Song is Three Dancing Toddlers from Solo Kora ( and Kevin McLeod – Unanswered Questions (

Tara DD

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