You are meant to Thrive

Experience Freedom & Awaken Power through Mindful Movement

I’m Tara Star Dancer
I teach freedom & power

Dharma Dance is a movement based path that supports personal growth & power in the world, as well as spiritual awakening.

So here we are, humans.

On one level we’re born. We live. We die.

If you’re a guy, you’re likely raised to be a Numb Soldier or Work Machine.

If you’re a woman, you’re likely raised to be a Good Girl or her twin The Independent Woman.

Some of you may be fine with this.

I want more.

I’ve spent the last 30 years dedicated to freeing myself and others from unnecessary suffering of limiting beliefs.

It is also my joy to create spaces to awaken to more of what it means to be human and to explore an experiential relationship to what is bigger than us, yet still us.

The desire to Thrive.

Personal, cultural and societal growth are all influenced by an inner drive to thrive. There’s a flow of life force that is ever-reaching towards more complexity, integration and cooperation. Thriving embraces the past, digests it fully to be available for new opportunities. Thriving also welcomes paradox and elegant conflict as catalysts for growth.

Dharma Dance dives into this desire to Thrive with the least possible dogma, with huge curiosity and courage, to spark your unique empowerment story.

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Abundant energy and power is here now, waiting for you, hiding under trauma, tired old beliefs and habits.

Vital energy for your work, your family, your creativity, your health, your soul path and your deepest desires.

Power to engage in life’s ups and downs with less shame, more truth and a bigger vision so that your influence benefits you as well as others.

Your unique Dharma Dance.

And we do this through conscious movement, emotional release and play, y’all! Play is how intelligent beings figure out complex situations.

And you, dear new friend, are a deeply sensitive and intelligent being. And this life, a wild complex situation.

It is my profound honor and pleasure to share this path with you.

Welcome to our conscious playground!


Live Event in NYC at Soul Haven April 17

Details Here

Science and magic unite in this simple movement practice based on the
Shamanic Way of the Bee

As close to a magic pill for anxiety, depression & addictions as you can get

Make this a daily practice for emotional freedom and awaken genius in your life!

Online Class details coming soon


Dharma Dance ~ Embodied Awakening Sessions

Awaken to abundant life force energy, learn spiritual embodiment practices, receive healing energy transmissions and personal power coaching with Tara through video calls online or in person.

Initial 45 minute session free.

In person sessions are $250/ 80 minutes
Book 3 sessions = $700

Online sessions are $180/ 60 minutes
Book 3 sessions = $500

So much energy was moving, that we weren’t controlling, but we were not out of control. It happened very gently. It wasn’t overwhelming, even though it awesome and powerful. I left grounded, more enlivened in my body, more in myself and I remember carrying around this experience with me when I was walking around afterwards. I can feel it now. It was such a positive experience.” – AM