Experience Vibrant Connection

with yourself, others and the divine
through Mindful Movement


* Online M4 Sessions*

M4™ or Music-Movement-Medicine-Magick

Currents of energy surround us and are potential sources of illumination and enrichment, but are often habitually denied, ignored or pushed away.

M4™ is a group healing experience of profound liberation and connection. Similar to the tribal healing evenings of the !Kung people of the Kalihari with breath, movement, vocalizations and percussion, a vibrational remedy is created that is the perfect harmonic for the group.

We are used to relating to movement as something we do or music as something we listen to. With M4™ , movement and music are welcomed the great undo-ers, releasing limiting beliefs and habits so we may have more access to the radiance that is our essence.

In this guided practice, hidden energies are invited to show themselves, so that we can see them and cultivate the highest expressions. M4™ is tender, compassionate and all embracing, as well as a great let go of frustrations and accumulated blocks in body, mind and emotions, including anxiety, self-consciousness and physical pain.

Dharma Dance ~ Embodied Awakening Sessions

Awaken to abundant life force energy, learn spiritual embodiment practices and receive energy transmissions facilitated by Tara with video calls online and in person.

Initial 45 minute session free.

In person sessions are $250/ 80 minutes
Receive a $50 discount when you book 3 sessions = $700

Online sessions are $180/ 60 minutes
Receive a $40 discount when you book 3 sessions = $500

Contact Tara to book your session.

So much energy was moving, that we weren’t controlling, but we were not out of control. It happened very gently. It wasn’t overwhelming, even though it awesome and powerful. I left grounded, more enlivened in my body, more in myself and I remember carrying around this experience with me when I was walking around afterwards. I can feel it now. It was such a positive experience.” – AM